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Ace Your Assignments: Masterful Essays Made Easy with CustomWritings AI Essay Writer

Pricing’s AI Essay Writer presents a tool with potential benefits for essay writing. It can support brainstorming, drafting, and editing, potentially saving time and enhancing your writing skills. However, consider these crucial points:


  • Topic brainstorming: Generate topics and outlines based on your keywords and preferred essay type.
  • Draft generation: Create an initial draft based on your topic, instructions, and preferred writing style.
  • Content suggestions: Offer alternative phrasings, synonyms, and examples to improve your writing.
  • Citation assistance: Provide relevant sources and help format citations in different styles (APA, MLA, etc.).
  • Grammar and plagiarism checks: Identify grammatical errors and potential plagiarism, promoting clear and original writing.
  • Multiple essay types: Supports various essay formats, including argumentative, narrative, persuasive, and expository.

Potential Uses:

  • Overcoming writer’s block: Get inspiration and a starting point when struggling to develop ideas.
  • Exploring different writing styles: Experiment with various phrasing and structures to improve your writing skills.
  • Fact-checking and source referencing: Ensure the accuracy and credibility of your work with suggested sources and citation assistance.
  • Grammar and clarity refinement: Enhance the flow and correctness of your writing by identifying and addressing errors.
  • Meeting deadlines: Generate drafts and suggestions quickly, enabling efficient essay completion.


  • Time-saving: Accelerate the writing process by automating certain tasks and providing writing prompts.
  • Improved writing skills: Learn from the AI’s suggestions and practice different writing styles, potentially enhancing your own abilities.
  • Content organization: Organize your thoughts and structure your essay effectively with the help of outlines and topic suggestions.
  • Grammar and plagiarism prevention: Minimize errors and ensure academic integrity with grammar checks and citation assistance.
  • Idea generation: Overcome creative roadblocks and explore new perspectives on your chosen topic.
Tools That Solve Problems


  • Content organization
  • Grammar and plagiarism prevention
  • Improved writing skills
  • Time-saving


  • Limited originality
  • Overreliance on the tool
  • Ethical concerns

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