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Fineshare – Share Files Easily and Securely


Fineshare appears to be a user-friendly and secure platform for sharing large files. It offers various features like encryption, password protection, and expiration dates, making it suitable for both personal and professional use. However, it’s important to note that I haven’t personally used the platform and cannot vouch for its effectiveness or security practices. Always read the terms of service and privacy policy before using any online service.


  • Large file transfer: Share files up to 5GB for free and 10GB with a pro account.
  • End-to-end encryption: Files are encrypted during transfer and storage, adding security.
  • Password protection: Add passwords to your files for additional access control.
  • Expiration dates: Set expiration dates for shared files to control access duration.
  • Download notifications: Get notified when someone downloads your files.
  • Branding options: Customize the branding for shared files with your logo and colors (pro account).
  • Link customization: Customize the link used to share your files (pro account).
  • Mobile app: Share and access files from your mobile device (iOS and Android).

Potential Uses:

  • Sharing large files: Ideal for sharing large files like videos, photos, or presentations that exceed email attachment limits.
  • Team collaboration: Share files securely with colleagues or team members working on projects together.
  • Client delivery: Send large files like design mockups or marketing materials to clients securely.
  • Personal file sharing: Share personal files like photos or videos with friends and family securely.
  • Temporary file sharing: Share files that need to be accessed for a limited time only.


  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface makes sharing files fast and convenient.
  • Secure: End-to-end encryption and password protection ensure your files are safe.
  • Large file support: Can handle large files that other services might not.
  • Control access: Set expiration dates and passwords to control who can access your files and for how long.
  • Customization options: Brand your shared files and customize links for a professional touch (pro account).
  • Mobile accessibility: Access and share files from your phone or tablet.
Tools That Solve Problems


  • Expiration dates
  • Password protection
  • Secure
  • Large file transfers


  • Security concerns
  • Limited customer support
  • Potential privacy issues
  • Limited free plan

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