Passed AI




Passed AI: Ensuring Academic Integrity, One Submission at a Time


Passed.AI presents a valuable tool for students, educators, and institutions seeking to safeguard academic integrity and promote originality in written work. Its AI-powered detection, detailed reports, and community support make it a comprehensive and accessible solution for anyone concerned about plagiarism and upholding ethical academic practices.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered plagiarism detection: Scans text for similarities to existing online sources and identifies potential plagiarism with confidence scores.
  • AI writing detection: Analyzes writing styles and patterns to determine the likelihood of being generated by AI, helping to maintain academic integrity.
  • Secondary checks: Provides detailed reports beyond binary detection, including time spent writing, contribution analysis, and other metrics for deeper understanding.
  • Google Docs integration: Seamlessly analyze papers directly within Google Docs for instant feedback and convenience.
  • Community-driven platform: Learn from and contribute to a community of educators and students dedicated to academic integrity.
  • Scalability: Suitable for individual students, educators, and institutions managing large volumes of submissions.

Potential Uses:

  • Students: Ensure the originality of their written work and avoid plagiarism risks.
  • Educators: Detect potential plagiarism in student work and promote academic integrity in their classrooms.
  • Academic institutions: Implement efficient systems for plagiarism detection and uphold academic standards across the board.
  • Researchers and editors: Verify the originality of text in research papers and other publications.
  • Content creators: Protect their original work from plagiarism and ensure content authenticity.


  • Peace of mind: Students and educators can be confident about the originality of their work and academic integrity.
  • Time-saving: Efficiently detect plagiarism issues, eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming investigations.
  • Improved academic standards: Promotes fair and ethical academic practices within institutions.
  • Cost-effective: Offers affordable solutions for individual and institutional use compared to other plagiarism detection tools.
  • Community support: Access valuable resources and learn from the experiences of others in the community.
Tools That Solve Problems


  • AI-powered plagiarism detection
  • AI writing detection
  • Detailed reports
  • Google Docs integration
  • Community support


  • AI limitations
  • Misuse potential
  • Overreliance on technology

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